What is an Exit Look and Do You Need One?

What is an Exit Look and Do You Need One?

If you’re deep enough into planning your wedding, chances are you’ve heard of a “First Look”–the first time your soon-to-be spouse sees you in your wedding ensemble, a “Second Look”– an optional change of dress usually to mix things up from ceremony to reception, but have you heard of an “Exit Look”?

The name says it all. An “Exit Look” is the outfit that you wear when you are leaving your reception and get whisked off to your honeymoon suite. Both men and women can have exit looks, so make sure to include your fiance(e´) in the planning so they don’t feel left out when you make your grand exit. 

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When Do You Need One?

Exit looks come in handy in a few different situations. 

1. Your Gown is Super Complicated to Get Out of

Most gowns are pretty simple to take off, usually just a hook and eye and a zipper–which should pose no issues for you or your new spouse, even after all the champagne toasts. But, if your gown laces up or has an entire infrastructure of corsetry and petticoats underneath it, it may be easier to change out of it while you still have your bridesmaids with you to help. 


2. You are Leaving for Your Honeymoon That Night

If you are planning on leaving for your honeymoon directly from your reception, an exit look is 100% necessary. It’s important to make the change at the venue so that your wedding ensembles can be packed up by your wedding planner and delivered to the proper cleaning and care professionals while you’re off jet setting. You also want to be comfortable–you don’t want to sit on the plane for hours in your wedding outfit that is undoubtedly less fresh than it started out.

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3. Unique Methods of Transportation

Another good reason to have an exit look is if you are using a non-traditional method of transportation to leave your reception. If you are leaving in a car, no matter the kind, you should be able to stay in your gown (unless your crinoline won’t fit through the car door comfortably, which is entirely possible). From making your getaway on a motorcycle to on horseback…some forms of transportation dictate the outfit and will require a change. 

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Is it Okay to Have An Exit Look, Even if You Don’t Need One?

Now that we’ve covered all the reasons that one would need an exit look, let’s talk about if you don’t. Weddings are, at the end of the day, a party–one big, over-the-top party. Let’s face it, there is a lot that goes into planning a wedding that you don’t need. So…if you want to spice things up with an exit look, we say–go for it! It’s the only part of your wedding wardrobe (aside from your shoes) that you will probably wear again. That being said, your exit look doesn’t need to be “practical” by any means. If you want to take the opportunity to have one more awesome outfit change–the sky is the limit. 

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What Does an Exit Look Typically Look Like?

Traditionally, for women, an exit look is a white or off-white cocktail-length dress, and for men, it is a slightly less formal look, like a sport coat and trousers…but these days–anything goes! An exit look is a great way to be more playful or sexy than you were with your ceremony and reception looks; it should reflect where you are and where you are going. If you’re heading to your city-view hotel room in NYC, you might want to wear something sleek and modern; whereas, if you’re leaving for your honeymoon in Bali, you may want to throw on a cute travel look like a crepe pantsuit. 

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